OffSite Pricing

OffSite's mission is to create value for site owners and advertisers by making access to highly qualified retargeting audiences simple, secure and effective.

OffSite Platform
We only make money when you as the site owner make money.

We don't charge for using OffSite.

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% of revenue
Per transaction, plus Stripe's 2.9% +30¢ processing fee.

Our pricing is simple: when advertisers pay you a monthly access fee, we take 20%, meaning we only make money when you make money.

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OffSite Platform
There is no charge for using the OffSite platform and no premium on ad spend.

We don't charge for using OffSite.

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Audience Access Fee
Per month, per audience. Ad spend is actual cost + Stripe processing fees.

You pay site owners a monthly fee to access their audience, then actual cost for ads on the Google Display Network. We don't charge a premium on ad spend.

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We only make money when you are successful and pass on direct costs for payment processing fees.
We use Stripe for best-in-class payment security

OffSite is the most targeted display advertising on the web

We open access to highly valuable audiences that weren't previously available

A marketplace of targeted audiences

OffSite is a marketplace for the most valuable retargeting audiences on the web, and the only platform that provides access securely.

Built by people from the industry

Our team built this product because it's what we would have loved when we worked in content publishing and digital advertising.

Built on Google Ads

Our platform is built on top of Google Ads and runs on the Google Display Network, the largest display network in the world.

Customizable audiences

Site owners can build custom audiences, meaning advertisers get the most targeted display advertising on the web.