Retargeting Software: A Guide

As a business owner, you know recapturing your website traffic is important to engaging your business. In this post, we are providing the ins and outs of different retargeting software in the marketplace today.

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AdRoll works with a variety of advertising partners, like Facebook and Google, allowing you, on a single platform, to reach almost all of the sites on the internet.

While it is one of the more expensive options out there at this time, they have a very user friendly platform to retarget your audience in a wide variety of ways on a multitude of advertising networks.

Perfect Audience

Perfect Audience has similar partnerships as AdRoll, allowing you to retarget your customers on multiple networks through one single platform.

It is a great platform for small businesses with a smaller budget to start out with and learn on, before moving to more costly alternatives.


But, what if you could target the audience of other businesses, without needing to partner directly with them? Offsite provides unprecedented targeting for marketers. Through the marketplace, website owners can share their audiences with advertisers, without having to share pixels or sell any customer data.

For example, if your company sells athletic shoes, you may use Offsite to target additional audiences. Through the platform, you may select to target a running website’s retargeting audience.

Offsite will serve your ad for athletic shoes through the running website’s retargeting audience. To clarify, your ads will not appear on the running website. Instead, your ads are shown to the retargeting audience for the running website. In other words, your ads for athletic shoes appear where the running website’s retargeting ads would appear.

To sum up, Offsite gives marketers the ability to reach highly targeted, qualified audiences, without needing to secure partnerships, share pixels, or purchase customer data.

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