Digital Advertising

What is Programmatic Direct Advertising?

Programmatic Direct is one of the fastest-growing areas of digital advertising. According to Google,  in the United States one in every two dollars spent programmatically now runs through a direct deal.

Programmatic Direct adoption has been so quick thanks to the hybrid of control and reach for both buyers and sellers.

Let's start with the most important question:

What is Programmatic Direct?

At its core, Programmatic Direct brings buyers and sellers of digital advertising together. Let's discuss what is in it for buyers and sellers from their perspectives.

Publishers use Programmatic Direct to package together specific inventory from their sites and apps (you can learn more about site monetization here). They, in turn, make those packages available to marketers to buy programmatically.

Marketers use direct deals to reach their target audience by purchasing this kind of premium inventory directly from publishers or buyers. Buyers, like marketers, typically use a demand-side platform (DSP), such as DoubleClick.

Programmatic Direct Examples

Okay, we have the definition of direct deals but how does all of this work together?

Publisher (Seller) Perspective:

You are an entertainment publisher that might package together all of the television show sections of your site to sell to buyers interested in reaching specific customers wanting to buy tv related products.

Marketer (Buyer):

A television network advertiser is looking to reach tv show enthusiasts and may be interested in buying ads on one of the above publisher sections.

Bringing it Together:

If the marketer is looking to specifically target tv show enthusiasts that are men in Mexico, for example, Programmatic Direct is necessary. Programmatic Direct provides the targeting and controls required to reach that audience.

Go Beyond Programmatic Direct

Programmatic Direct advertising can be great. But marketers no longer need to limit themselves to the inventory that publishers maintain on their site.

You can go beyond standard Programmatic Direct and still gain access to highly targeted and controlled audiences.

The most valuable offsite audiences you want to target are now available through the OffSite marketplace.

The OffSite marketplace gives you access thousands of third-party, highly-qualified, low-funnel audiences with only a few clicks.