How To Make Money With Google Ads

Google Adsense is the simplest first step to creating a revenue stream for your website or blog content.   

With over 90% of the search marketshare, Google has established itself as the go-to option when content owners want to take the first step to monetizing their site.   Google AdSense will place ads on your website based on relevance, ensuring the most bang for your buck for both the advertiser and you.   Google does the heavy lifting by selecting appropriate ads for your site based on search histories.  They also make it easy by allowing you to select the size, placement and platforms on which you want ads to display.

But before you run out and start making it rain, there are a few notes of caution when adding display ads to your site:

  1. Don't display ads on e-commerce sites or pages where you are promoting your own product or service.   Since display ads are based on relevance, you have the potential to advertise a competing product or service.  
  2. Traffic, Traffic, Traffic.   The more traffic your site generates, the more revenue per impression and click your displayed ads will generate.
  3. Don't forget why you created the website in the first place.   A lot like sesame oil, one drop or ad can complement without distracting but adding multiple ads to a single page will crowd out the content and drive users away.   No users, no clicks, no money.  

Once you've mastered the basics of ads, there is a whole other world involving videos, in-game/app advertising for us to explore but we will save that for another post!