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OffSite is a hassle-free way to give your trusted advertisers additional access to your audience after they leave your site.

Go beyond on-site inventory and drive additional revenue by allowing your advertisers to serve retargeted ads to your visitors across the web on the Google Display Network.

Advertisers pay a recurring fee, set by you, for access and create all of the ads in our platform, meaning no new work or technology for you.

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We're accepting a limited number of early access site owners who are interested in offering their advertisers additional options for reaching their audience.

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More options for advertisers

Both site owners and advertisers want more options and better results. We make accessing audiences off site simple and effective for everyone.

Better conversion rates

On-platform targeting only goes so far. We give advertisers access to your highly qualified audiences off-site, which means more inventory and better performance.

Dead Simple To Use

OffSite doesn’t require any additional technology or complicated setup. After signing up, both advertisers and site owners can be up and running in no time.

How does OffSite work?

OffSite allows site owners to give the power of remarketing to their advertisers, without pixel sharing or account access. That means advertisers have direct, continued access to their audiences off site. We run on the Google Display network, which is the largest ad network in the world.

Start driving additional revenue through OffSite today.

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