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OffSite is a hassle-free way to give your trusted advertisers additional access to your audience after they leave your site.

Go beyond on-site inventory and drive additional revenue by monetizing your remarketing audiences across the Google Display Network.

Advertisers pay a recurring fee, set by you, for access and create all of the ads in our platform, meaning no new work or technology for you.

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More options for advertisers

Both site owners and advertisers want more options and better results. We make accessing audiences off site simple and effective for everyone.

passive revenue for Publishers

OffSite is the only hassle-free way to monetize your remarketing lists without selling or sharing any customer data.

Simple To Use

OffSite doesn’t require any additional technology or complicated setup. After signing up, both advertisers and site owners can be up and running in no time.

Case Study: 
Course Report

Because of their high-value traffic, advertisers approached Course Report about accessing their retargeting audience. Their team ran into multiple barriers both in operations as well as security and control of the ads served to their audience.

OffSite was the solution to those barriers and provided an easy way to give advertisers easy access to their retargeting audience. Through the OffSite platform, advertisers have the ability to build and manage their own campaigns, while giving Course Report ultimate control over what their audience sees.

Case Study: 
Really Good Emails

Having maximized revenue from self-managed onsite ads, Really Good Emails had limited options for driving additional revenue without selling or sharing customer data. Additionally, their busy team didn’t want to learn and use any new, complex, expensive technology.

They found their solution with OffSite. On our platform, Really Good Emails has  driven additional revenue beyond onsite ads while keeping its customer data 100% in-house. Once RGE set a price to access their retargeting audience, they were able to offer additional options to name-brand advertisers like Email on Acid  and SendGrid.

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How does OffSite work?

OffSite gives publishers the ability to monetize their remarketing lists, without pixel sharing, account access, running ads or sharing/selling customer data.

Leverage the size of the Google Display Network to give additional options to your advertisers and maintain full control of what your audience sees.

Start driving additional revenue through OffSite today.

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