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We give advertisers direct, off-site access to previously unavailable retargeting audiences.
Find the audience you want, request access, and start running ads.

Better Performance

On-site ads only go so far. We give you access to highly qualified retargeting audiences, which means more inventory, more engagement and more conversions.

Direct Access to Audiences

Stop wondering about match rate.
These audiences are highly qualified and contextual, because they are real people and real visitors (not cookies that have been bought and sold multiple times).

Simple to Use

We've made selecting audiences and deploying ads as easy as possible. Select your audience, create your ads, and run your campaign, all within our platform.

What is OffSite?

Access to retargeting audiences

OffSite gives you access highly valuable retargeting audiences, without cumbersome or insecure data or pixel sharing.
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Built on the Google Display Network

We're built on the Google Display Network. When you access an audience through OffSite, you can rely on the size and infrastructure of the largest display network in the world.
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Find highly qualified audiences

You won't find better value when it comes to qualified audiences.

Our audience inventory comes directly from website owners across the internet, not brokerages or networks.

OffSite is the only place where you get direct access without paying hidden fees, markups or outrageous CPMs.

Simple, central campaign management

OffSite gives you control over your own campaigns (instead of being locked into a pre-defined package).

We've built a best-in-class ad editor that makes launching standard and responsive display ads a breeze. (We can even import your existing campaigns!)

Our dashboard makes it easy to see which ads are running against which audiences.

Track performance

Track ad performance within our platform as you optimize your campaigns.

We can also support custom conversions and deep-dive performance dashboards upon request.

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